National Novel Writing Month

November is National Novel Writing Month – aka NaNoWriMo. A marathon in the form of a sprint, NaNoWriMo challenges people around the world to write a 50,000 between November 1 – 30.

5 Reasons why NaNo is a Good Idea
1. It motivates people to get the novel they always wanted to write onto the page
2. No pressure: top prize is a badge! But the REAL prize is a the first draft of a novel
3. It’s much easier to edit words on the page then words in your head
4. In line with the Write On! philosophy, it helps to be productive when you have a written-down, attainable goal … and people cheering you on
5. The ability to accomplish such a feat in a short period of time is an awesome feeling

For more on National Novel Writing Month, go to Jeanne Veillette Bowerman’s review of the site on Write On! Online. You can also post your user profile link on the blog post, so the Write On! Members can all connect! (Mine is

Also, check out Jane Friendman’s NaNo resources, as well as Ian Wilson’s Write On! post on “positioning yourself for success” from NaNo 2009.

Taking the challenge? Post NaNoWriMo as your November Goal on Write On! Online.

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