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On Wednesday, February 23, Peter Shankman, Help A Reporter, did a webinar on PRWeb: Peter Shankman’s BIG Publicity Ideas For Small Business Success.

Peter, who I interviewed when he was in Los Angeles last year, impressed upon his audience the importance of good writing. He had lot of amazing information, and I tweeted to find out everyone’s favorite tip. Here’s what you said:

@WebiMax WebiMax
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline @PeterShankman Follow “trends” in the media! Thanks Pete #SEO #WebiMax

@MelRothermel Melissa Rothermel
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline My favorite quote was: “Social media is brevity; brevity is good writing. … Learn to freaking write!”

@lindybartell Lindy Bartell
@WriteOnOnline Best tip from @PeterShankman – That creativity wins with SoMe strategy i.e. funeral home on Twitter #whowouldhavethought

@lesleyridge lesley ridge
@WriteOnOnline loved that @PeterShankman validated my gut feelings about pitching and being upfront with people.

@lepah Matt Farnell
I learnt that ET is not the same as PT time #imissedit “RT @WriteOnOnline: best tip learned today on @PeterShankman webinar on #PRWeb?”

@jennihilton Jenni Hilton
No sub. for good writing RT @petershankman @WriteOnOnline: What was the best tip you learned today on the @PeterShankman webinar on #PRWeb?

@PRisUs Michelle Garrett
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline I can never hear enough of your pitching tips! And liked how you stressed the importance of strong writing.

@CocoHobo Lady Carolyn Grey
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline The best tip was hearing that good #writing matters. As a #writer, that’s like hearing I matter!

@tenistazurita Patricia Zurita
@WriteOnOnline looking for business ideas in new places/publications I know nothing about.

@NancyD68 Nancy Davis
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline @PeterShankman Best tip today – Bad writing will KILL your business!

@THEsteveobrien Steve O’Brien
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline @PeterShankman Brevity – and asking potential customers how they prefer to receive their info

@lizkupcha Liz O’Rourke Kupcha
@petershankman @WriteOnOnline The basic anatomy of a pitch was a great takeaway. #prweb

And my Tweets and RTs:

RT AVwriter (Linda Seid Frembes)
Make your customers feel like they can “cut the line.” (Great nightclub ref from @petershankman) #prweb

@Petershankman “When you are pitching, you are asking a reporter to do you a favor” #prweb

@PeterShankman – tweeting and talking – great example of engaging the audience during a webinar #prweb

@PeterShankman social media is brevity, brevity is good writing. nothing will destroy your business quicker than bad writing #PRweb

@PeterShankman “Social Media requires that you write better.” #PRWeb

RT radiofreegeorgy Georgy Cohen
What’s worse than ADHD? ADOS – Attention deficit–ooh, shiny. #prweb @petershankman

Love how much time @PeterShankman with the limited attention span spent talking about the importance of writing! #PRWeb

“PR Foreplay – ask any woman, there’s a difference between foreplay and wasting my time” – @PeterShankman on #PRWeb

Hi @PeterShankman Great hearing you on #PRWeb today. Thanks for a fabulous webinar!

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