Write On! Online January Meeting – 1/12/11

The January Write On! Meeting on Blog Talk Radio is on January 12 at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern. Call in (646-381-4910) or listen onlineListen to the December Write On! Meeting on Blog Talk Radio. The deadline to submit 2-3 line newsletter items to Debra@WriteOnOnline.com is Monday, January 10.

Remember, post your January Goals on Write On! Online to be entered in a drawing to win an iScript. You can also post Goals for 2011 on the website, as well as your Accomplishments from 2010.

The topic of the January Challenge is Excuses. Submit your 200- to 400-word Excuse(s) for not writing in the body of an email to Debra@WriteOnOnline.com by Monday, January 31. Excuses Editor Tina Haapala will choose the winners. Details and prize info on Write On! Online.

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! And Write On!

Tech Gifts for Writers

Last week on the Write On! Online Facebook page, I asked writers for holiday gift recommendations.

Here are some of the responses. Add your recs in the comment section.

1. LiveScribe Pen

2. iPad

3. Final Draft or any other screenwriting software (See the StoryLink eZine for more WritersStore.com gift ideas)

4. Voice recorder

5. Kindle

6. Nook

7. Wacom tablet

And 3 great non-tech gift ideas:

8. Caffeine candies are a great stocking stuffer!John Bezpiaty

9. Families can give a writer time and peace!Vanessa McGrady Spiller

10. The Moleskine Pocket NotebookDavid Cook

Write On! Brainstorming Workshop

Interested in writing? Open yourself to a world of possibilities.

Join writing coach Debra Eckerling, creator of WriteOnOnline.com, for a Brainstorming Workshop, which will allow you to explore the art and craft of writing though exercises designed to stimulate your creativity, develop your style, and increase your productivity.

* * *

Saturday, January 15

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

1061 Production, 1061 S. La Brea Ave, Inglewood, California

* * *

Early Registration: $47, sign up by Thursday, January 13

Regular Registration: $57

Register here.

* * *

Communications specialist Debra Eckerling, who has been published in national, local, trade, and online publications, trains writers, experts, and businesses, so they can organize, articulate, and complete their writing projects. For more information, go to WriteOnTrackLA.com or email Debra@WriteOnOnline.com.

Post 2011 Goals on Write On! Online

Write On! wrapped up the year Wednesday with the December Meeting on Blog Talk Radio. If you missed the show, you can listen online.

Listen to internet radio with WriteOnOnline on Blog Talk Radio

As is the end-of-the year tradition, we talked about our 2010 accomplishments and started setting goals for the new year. I always encourage people to pick at least one personal goal, as well as a professional writing goal, for the new year. Sometimes we need to get our personal lives in order (new place to live, organized workspace, eat healthy) in order to find success on a professional level (write a book, finish a screenplay, find an agent).

If you are stuck on goals, brainstorm a list of all you want to accomplish. Then narrow it down, prioritize, and decide on your big goals for the year and the little goals that will make them happen. Remember to look at your goals on a regular basis, as that is what facilitates success: you have to know what you want to achieve in order to achieve it!

Please post your 2011 Goals in the comment section of this Write On!Online post.

Remember, post your January Goals on Write On! Online for a chance to win an iScript. The January Write On! Meeting on Blog Talk Radio will be January 12 at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern.

Happy Writing! And Happy Holidays. To your success!

Write On! Online December Meeting – 12/8/10

It’s that time of year – where we celebrate our accomplishments for this year and start planning for the next.

We’ll talk goals and writing at our December Write On! Online meeting on Wednesday, December 8, at 8 pm Pacific/11 pm Eastern on Blog Talk Radio.


Listen online or call-in (646) 381-4910.

We have a great group of people—all ages, specialties, genres, and levels of experience—with a lot of wonderful energy. Please join us! RSVP on Facebook.

Please send newsletter items (2 – 3 lines, plus links) to Debra@WriteOnOnline.com by Monday, December 6. Thanks!

Gen Xer Survey

Am doing research for a new project. If you were born between 1962 and 1982, please participate in this survey. Should only take a few minutes. Thanks!

Click here to take survey.

Writing to Reach the Finish Line

The year is winding down, and you realize that you have just about 6 weeks left to accomplish your goals for 2010. Before you freak out, panic, and decide to never write again, take a step back. It’s okay. The time you spend beating yourself up could be used for writing!

Here are some steps to get you back on track for the year-end writing push.

1. Write down your goals for the rest of the year; make sure they are ones you can actually accomplish.

2. Look at your goals daily. Put them in a place where you will look at them on a regular basis. You can’t accomplish them if can’t remember them. You can post your December goals here.

3. Make your writing a priority. It’s easy to get sidetracked, especially during the holiday season … that’s probably how you got toward the end of the year with multiple half-finished projects. Realize your creativity – your goals – are just as important as everyone else’s. Own them. And set aside time on a regular basis to indulge your passion.

4. Explore your craft – try new genres and media. Participating in writing exercises and contests, starting a blog, and trying new things will make you a stronger writer. Variety is the spice of life.

5. Write through any blocks you may have. Especially important for those in the midst of NaNoWriMo. If you get stuck, write around or through the problem. You can always revise once you have a finished draft, but if you are constantly self-editing, the road to “The End” just gets father away.

Believe in yourself. Your novel, non-fiction book, screenplay, or blog is important to you. So go for it! Writing is exercise. The more you practice, the better you become. Write On!

November Meeting & Post December Goals

Listen to the November Write On! Meeting on Blog Talk Radio.

Don’t forget to post your December Goals on Write On! Online.

Listen to internet radio with WriteOnOnline on Blog Talk Radio

Collecting Writing Questions

Hey there Writers, Experts, and Entrepreneurs!

Am collecting questions about writing for my latest project. What do you want to know? They can be related to  fiction or non-fiction, about character or theme, blogging or the business of writing.

Please message me or comment on this post. Many thanks!

Happy Writing!