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Writing to Reach the Finish Line

Published on November 18, 2010 By WriteOnTrack

The year is winding down, and you realize that you have just about 6 weeks left to accomplish your goals for 2010. Before you freak out, panic, and decide to never write again, take a step back. It’s okay. The time you spend beating yourself up could be used for writing! Here are some steps [...]

National Novel Writing Month

Published on October 21, 2010 By WriteOnTrack

November is National Novel Writing Month – aka NaNoWriMo. A marathon in the form of a sprint, NaNoWriMo challenges people around the world to write a 50,000 between November 1 – 30. 5 Reasons why NaNo is a Good Idea 1. It motivates people to get the novel they always wanted to write onto the [...]