“”I call Deb Eckerling my “techie angel.” … I took classes on creating your blog, writing your blog, blogging your blog – but I couldn’t get my blog up until I connected with Deb Eckerling. Deb is smart, supportive, and instinctive. She helped me organize my first few blog posts, gently moving me along at my own pace.” – Linda Lichtman, Innergiggler


“I love Deb Eckerling’s coaching plan. She has an exacting eye, knows the marketplace and offers constructive comments. I am building a writing life with a new focus and passion. Thank you Deb.” – writer Kathryn Ray


“To me, Debra is the instant coffee of inspiration. It takes no time to know she is inspiring.” – writer Jane Chase


“Debra truly helped me not only structure what I wanted to say but also encouraged me to feel like I could do it.” – Martha Elena Burns, Belly Dance: Celebrating the Sacred Feminine

“Debra is an effective teacher and an engaging, perceptive team leader.” – David King, The Beautiful Food Garden

“Debra has boundless energy. She can command a room and get her point across whether the group consists of 5 or 35 people.” – writer Lisa DeVincent

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